IN VICTORIAS CITY: Big Floriferous Rubia

IN VICTORIAS CITY: Big Floriferous Rubia

IN VICTORIAS CITY: Big Floriferous Rubia

DURING our recent visit to the Negros National Science High School in Victorias City, we saw a really big Rubia ornamentale a.k.a. Carphalea kirondron which is very floriferous.

This brings to mind how an enterprising landscaper made a lot of money from this flowering tree. The fellow had the foresight to multiply it fast and grow many of them into a size that is big enough for landscaping. That was in the early 1980s when he sold a few hundred flowering plants to the Rizal Park at P250 apiece. During that time, the amount was really big because the peso had not yet depreciated.

The flowering plant sold at a good price because it was new and was floriferous. Seeds were brought to the Philippines by a forester who attended an international conference in Madagascar. He grew the plants in Cagayan and it proved to be an attractive flowering plant because of its big clusters of red flowers.

The only problem that was later observed was that the dried flowers were persistent. It means the clusters of dried flowers remain in the plant so you have to remove them to make the tree nice looking.

At any rate, one good lesson can be learned from here. If you see a promising ornamental plant and you are the first to multiply it commercially, you can make big money. The trick is not to release any plants until you have enough volume to sell. If you sell your propagations right away, the more enterprising nursery people could beat you to the market.

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