Ina Valdez Goes For Duku Lanzones

This is a close up of a bunch of Duku fruits
taken on July 1, 2012 at the Teresa Orchard
and Nursery. These are fruits of the same
tree where Ina Valdes posed with the still
greenish fruits last June 23, 2012. That’s when
members of the Philippine Horticultural
Society had a farm tour or Teresa Orchard
and Nursery.
The ripe Duku fruits at the Teresa Orchard
and Nursery in Teresa, Rizal taken on
July 1, 2012, about 9 days after the photo
of Ina Valdes was taken with the still
greenish bunches of fruit. (photo below)
INA VALDES poses with the ripening fruits of
Duku lanzones at the Teresa Orchard and
Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Photo was taken June
23, 2012. She is a member of the Horticultural
Society who had a field trip to Teresa last June 23.
Take a look at the same fruits photographed
 9 days later (upper photos). They are already ripe! 

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