Inculcating love of country, right values at Yamang Bukid Farm

Inculcating love of country, right values at Yamang Bukid Farm

Palawan’s premier agritourism destination is continually coming up with bright ideas amid the pandemic crisis. This time, Brother George Maria, son of the founder of Yamang Bukid Farm, has come up with a video where the farm’s 280 strong work force rendered song dance numbers as a way of paying respect to the nation. The video inculcates love of country and right values.Inculcating love of country, right values at Yamang Bukid Farm

The so-called backliners sang the National Anthem and also recited the Pledge to the Philippine Flag together before they started working. They also called on every Filipino to be as one, especially during this pandemic problem. That’s the true Filipino spirit that reminds us that we are proud as a Filipino.

EARLIER INITIATIVES – Since the start of the campaign versus the crisis, Yamang Bukid Farm had undertaken a number of initiatives to help the most affected sectors. These include donations of fresh milk and other healthy foods to the frontliners that include doctors, nurses and hospital staff including ambulance drivers. The donations are intended to boost the recipient’s immune system.

VEGGIE SEEDLINGS – Yamang Bukid Farm distributed thousands upon thousands of vegetable seedlings to coastal communities within reach of the famous underground river. These are the places where the workers in the tourism industry were were rendered without income due  to Covid-19. The recipients planted the seedlings in their home gardens to produce fresh veggies for their own consumption to boost their nutrition.

ABOUT YB FARM – Yamang Bukid Farm was established only in 2017 but it has developed so fast that under normal times as many as 10,000 tourists, local and foreign, visit the place every week. The farm plants a lot of flowers to attract visitors. But of course it also produces a lot of vegetables and other food crops for its own restaurants and markets outside. It is now an accredited farm school where enrolees are trained on good agriculture practices as well as caring for the environment.Inculcating love of country, right values at Yamang Bukid Farm

Watch the full video HERE.

Video produced by YB:
Produced by Patrick Aquino:

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