India’s Most Popular Bitter Gourd Now In PH

Ric Reyes of East-West Seed (left) shows fruits
of Palee ampalaya grown in the Philippines.

The most popular ampalaya or bitter gourd in India, and most likely in the world, also produces well under Philippine conditions.

The variety is called Palee, a hybrid developed by East-West Seed’s plant breeders principally for the Indian and Sri Lankan markets.

Palee has prominent spines and is sometimes called “warty” variety. The Indians had and old warty variety but was low yielding. So the plant breeders of East-West Seed developed a hybrid that more than doubled the yield of the old variety. Today, Palee is the most popular variety of bitter gourd in India.

This year, trial planting was done at the experimental farm of East-West Seed in Bulacan. The result is very positive. Palee also produces well under Philippine conditions. In photo Ric Reyes, the Product Market Combination Manager of East-West, is showing former Sen. Ramon Magsaysay Jr. fruits of Palee grown in Bulacan. This was during the 30th anniversary celebration of East-West last December 12, 2012.

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