INGENIOUS SCHEME: He gave away free ducklings for his own big profit!

Enterprising son made P1 from each of the 1,000 balut that he sold every day.

SOME PEOPLE are simply more imaginative and more enterprising than others. Those are the people who know how to harness available resources painlessly for their own benefit as well as for others.

IN DAVAO SUR – Just like the son of a regular attendee of the Agri-Kapihan, for instance. One of his businesses is making and selling balut in a town in Davao del Sur.

1,000 BALUT DAILY – In his town, he has been making and selling about 1,000 balut every day, thanks to the small farmers who have been supplying him the eggs for balut production.

P1 PROFIT PER EGG – In 1989 when the Agri-Kapihan habitue related the story, his son was buying the eggs from the farmers at the going price of P2 apiece. After incubating them for 16 to 17 days, he sold the ready-to-cook balut to traders at P3 each. He thus made a margin of P1 per egg. Considering that he was selling a thousand eggs daily, it was not a bad business at all.

NO DUCK FARM OF HIS OWN – Whatโ€™s very interesting, however, is how he started his balut business without having to raise the ducks himself. The enterprising son gave away free ducklings to whoever wanted to raise ducks around their homes. His only request was for him to have the priority to buy at the prevailing market price whatever eggs they would produce.

FARMERS HAPPY – The farmers were only too glad to have the ducklings for free. After all the birds could survive without expensive feeds and special care. They could just thrive on left-over grains from the fields and some free feeds such as insects and the pesky golden snail.

WISE INVESTMENT – The enterprising son gave away 20 to 30 female ducklings plus a few males to each farmer. These had cost him about P3 each, but he considered that as a wise investment. After all, if he grossed a peso from each egg that he bought and made into balut, it would only take him a few eggs to recover the cost of each duckling that he gave away.

INGENIOUS SCHEME – The scheme is very simple yet an ingenious one, if you ask us. Enterprising son did not have to maintain a big duck farm of his own in order to produce his requirement of 1,000 eggs a day. He did not have to invest in costly housing and expensive commercial feeds which are usually required when one is on a large scale duck production.

MEAT FOR FARMERS, TOO – The small farmers, on the other hand, are happy, too. They have an additional source of income without shelling out any cash investment for the fowls. And they also have meat for their own tables from the ducks that they cull.

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