Innovative Way of Growing Tomato In A Greenhouse, Taiwan

Innovative Way of Growing Tomato In A Greenhouse, Taiwan

Toto Barcelona of Harbest Agribusiness reports a smart way of growing cherry tomato inside a greenhouse by Liu Chin Yeh in Pu Li township, Central Taiwan.

Most greenhouse growers plant their seedlings in growing media on the surface of the ground. In the case of Farmer Liu, he grows his cherry tomatoes using plastic crates. Two plastic crates are placed one on top of the other. The upper crate is filled with Klasman growing medium about 8 inches deep. Four seedlings are planted in the upper crate.

The lower crate is empty. The purpose of growing the plants in the higher crate is to raise the plants way above the ground. In effect, the leaves of the tomatoes are about 18 inches above the ground. This effectively prevents soil-borne fungal and bacterial diseases infecting the plants through the leaves and roots. The dry condition inside the greenhouse also helps in maintaining the good health of the plants.

Farmer Liu grows  Yi Ni, a new cherry tomato hybrid from Known-You Seed Company which is a cluster type variety that is high-yielding, producing sweet and very marketable fruits. Yi Ni is distributed in the Philippines by Harbest Agribusiness, tel. 671-7411 to 14. Toto Barcelona can also be contacted at 0922-885-8917.

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