It is always rewarding to go over our old files of pictures because they are interesting and they bring back pleasant memories. Here are some old photos we would like to share with our readers.

Farmer Eleuterio “Totoy” Indic of Sta. Elena, Tacloban City, was very proud when we took this picture of him showing double ears of Macho Sweet Corn that he planted in 2008. He was then a farmer cooperator of East-West Seed Company. At a sweet corn derby wherein other varieties participated, the Macho variety came out the winner.
This is a photo of a Vietnamese woman with her motorcycle overloaded with her harvest of various farm produce. Oh yes, women in Vietnam are expert in transporting farm produce with their motorcycles.They are very hardworking.
WATERING CROPS IN THAILAND – A farmer in Thailand uses a small banca equipped with an engine for irrigating his crops. A canal is used as source of water for watering the vegetables and other crops. Marshlands or low-lying areas are made productive by constructing canals and making embankments for planting various crops.
BANCA FOR HAULING THE HARVEST – In Thaiand the small banca that farmers use to go around their farms is also capable of carrying a heavy load of harvests. Paddling is the mode of operating the motorless banca.
This is a photo of Larry Miculob that we took in his durian farm in Calinan, Davao City several years back. Larry is the chairman of the 2017 Agrilink trade show which will highlight tropical fruits for export that include durian, mangosteen, banana, pomelo and others. Agrilink will be staged on October 5 to 7, 2017 at the World Trade Center at the corner of Macapagal Blvd. and Puyat Avenue, Pasay City.

UNBELIEVABLE AMPALAYA. This is the Kiew Yok 16, one of the ampalaya hybrids of East-West Seed that was showcased during its International Field Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a few years back. You can hardly believe that this can produce so many fruits. According to Ric Reyes of East-West Seed, this has an 85% share in the bittergourd market in Thailand./caption]

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