IT’S WHOM YOU KNOW (Agri Tip No.10)

 (Here’s one more little piece of a tip when you are in farming, whether a neophyte or a long-practicing farming aficionado.)


IN farming as in any other business, it pays to know the right people. We remember the case of Ernest (that’s not his real name) who happens to be the high school buddy of Frank (not his real name), a prominent person in big business.
When Frank took over as president and CEO of a big food firm that is big in the poultry hatchery business, Ernest visited his long-time buddy to congratulate him. They have not seen each other for a very long time but the friendship is as strong as ever.
When Frank asked Ernest what he could offer as possible business for him, he said he was not really there to visit him to look for a business opportunity but really to greet and congratulate him for his  success in business.
Frank mentioned, anyway, that Ernest might want to buy table eggs in big volume, at least 100,000 eggs every other day. Frank’s company is in the hatchery business and they have a lot of contract breeders that are producing hatching eggs for them. Not all the eggs are fit for hatching so they have to be sold as table eggs.
To make the story short, Ernest got interested because he knows how to dispose of eggs that are even more than a hundred thousand. He got the deal to buy the 100,000 table eggs from his friend. He has a ready market because his friend Nards operates a network of 18 stalls in Metro Manila. He could pass on to him the 100,000 eggs.
Nards was just too happy. He was looking for a reliable supplier of table eggs. And so Ernest became richer by P2,000 every other day because he knew a good friend who had the goods, and also knew another friend who could buy the 100,00 eggs. Ernest passed on the eggs to Nards making just 2 centavos per egg.
The lesson here is that sometimes (if not more often)  it is WHOM YOU KNOW that can give you money-making opportunities whether it is in farming or in another line of business. That is why it is important to attend gatherings like the Agri-Kapihan to meet new and old friends. The thing is that it has to be a two-way street. Be helpful to your friends so they can be helpful to you, too. And be honest always!

(OTHER SITUATIONS: You might be a friend of a manufacturer of a good organic fertilizer. Being a good friend, it is possible he can give you a discount. Or if you have a good friend who has plenty of idle property, he could lend you portions of his property for a token rent, or probably even for free so you can do your own brand of farming. Now you see, there are benefits in having good friends.)

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