Jackfruit Grower On Agriculture Cover


JOB ABUYABOR is an enterprising farmer who specializes in producing jackfruit in his 7.8-hectare farm in Brgy.San Isidro, Mahaplag, Leyte. In 2003, he planted 1,000 jackfruit of the Eviarc Sweet variety in between his mature coconuts. The trees have been producing a lot of fruits in the last few years. In 2011, he harvested 40 tons. This year, he expects to harvest 70 tons, thanks to science-based techniques he has adopted like the prevention and control of the dreaded phytophthora disease. His Eviarc Sweet jackfruit produces high quality fruits in terms of sweetness and aroma. Cover photo was taken by Melpha M. Abello.

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2 thoughts on “Jackfruit Grower On Agriculture Cover

  1. I'm a farm journalist from India, Specializing in Jack fruit value addition reporting.

    Thank you so much for highlighting a successful farmer through a cover story.It is really damn interesting, Mr Zac.I congratulate you for your interest.

    Is there a way we can read this story on net or buy a hard copy?

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