Jackfruit With Over A Hundred Fruits!

HAVE you seen a jackfruit as prolific as this one in photo? Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo Espana pose with their extremely prolific jackfruit in General Santos City. This is just an ordinary variety which did not previously produce any significant number of fruits. However, when Rodrigo applied two formulations of growth and fruit enhancers developed by Alfonso G. Puyat, the tree produced over a hundred fruits. Some of the fruits (about 50 percent) have already been thinned out.

One formulation hastens the vegetative development of the plant while the other induces the production of a lot of fruits. The technique requires a lot of organic fertilizers applied to the ground. Puyatโ€™s formulations are sprayed on the leaves. They make the tree hungry so it has to take up as much nutrients from the soil as possible. Even if the manure, for instance, is not yet fully decomposed, the tree will be able to absorb the nutrients in the manure. The fruits are sweet because the fruiting formulation contains a lot of potassium.ย 

Of course, some of the fruits have to be thinned when they are about 1 to 2 kilos each and could be sold or used as vegetable.
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