Jason Javier And His Family at Agrilink2013

Jason Javier And His Family at Agrilink2013
Jason Javier and his family, daughters Ena Jane and Elisha Janna, and wife Wenona. Photo was taken at the Sarian Farm booth.

Jason Javier, an Overseas Filipino Worker who works for the petroleum industry in Nigeria, had to hurry home to make sure he could attend the 2013 Agrilink trade show at the World Trade Center-Manila.

He brought with him his wife Wenona who manages a convenience store, Pinoy Street Smart, at the University Belt in Sampaloc, and their daughters Ena Jane and Elisha Jann. Photo was taken at the booth of Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees farm of Teresa, Rizal. Ena Jane is shown holding an opened red-fleshed Vietnam pummelo which is sweet and juicy. The skin readily detaches from the flesh.

Jason is also a joint venture investor of the Costales Nature Farm in Majayjay, Laguna. He invested in a 300-square meter greenhouse which started operating in March 2012. Under the joint venture scheme, Jason paid for the construction of the greenhouse. On the other hand, Costales takes care of the planting and marketing of the produce in the greenhouse. After one crop cycle, they subtract the cost of production and the remainder is shared by them on a 50-50 basis.

So far, they have planted eight croppings in less than two years and after each growing cycle, the profit is divided between the two of them. In the last cycle of growing cucumber, arugula and lettuce, they spent about P20,000 to produce the crops. The gross sales amounted to P44,000 so they had a dividend of P12,000 each in a growing period of less than three months. Each growing cycle has always been profitable. There were times when the dividends were much bigger than this last one of P12,000 each.

Jason Javier And His Family at Agrilink2013
Jason Javier and a close up of the Vietnam pummelo.
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