JEFF LIM: Goat And Sheep Farmer, A Brief Update

Many years back, we featured Jeff Lim of Gerona, Tarlac when he was just starting his goat project. We just talked to him (Dec. 14, 2016) and here is a brief update on his project.

When we first interviewed him, the family was in the noodle business. Now the noodle business is long gone and Jeff is devoting his full time to goat and sheep raising.

Jeff has gone a long way in his goat and sheep project. He currently has about 800 Anglo Nubians for meat and milk. Every day, about 50 does are in the milk line producing an average of one liter. Jeff sells the pasteurized milk at P150 per liter. He also sells breeders. Males that are 4 to 6 months old sell for P15,000, and females at P20,000. Those not suitable for breeding are sold for slaughter at P130 to P180 per kilo liveweight. Goats for slaughter usually weigh 25 to 40 kilos each.

At present, Jeff has around 500 sheep, mostly Dorper and upgrades. He sells breeders at P20,000 for males that are 4 to 6 months old, and P25,000 for females.

JEFF LIM: Goat And Sheep Farmer, A Brief Update
Eugene T. Gabriel and corn silage he supplies to Jeff Lim.

His animals are fed with silage and fresh forage. Both sheep and goats are given 1.5 kilos of silage a day. Fresh forage include Pakchong 1, madre cacao, mulberry and ipil-ipil He has rented 12 hectares planted to his forage crops. He finds it more convenient to buy corn silage from Eugene Gabriel of Isabela rather than making his own, which can be laborious if you don’t have the machine to harvest and shred the materials.

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