JESS DOMINGO has increased his free-range chickens and will also raise Paraoakan in an enclosed forested area of his farm. He is also planting a lot of vegetables.

WE ARE SURE our readers remember Jess Domingo of Alfonso Lista, Ifugao. So many readers of this blog and our Agriculture Magazine have asked us for his contact number because they wanted to attend his seminar on raising organic pigs. As we have mentioned in our post earlier in this blog, he can make a net profit of more than P5,000 pesos per fattener that he raises for six months the organic way.

We just talked to him a few minutes before writing this item and he said a lot of enthusiasts have attended his seminar on organic pig production. He has already increased his Grimaux free-range chickens. ย And he will soon start raising Paraoakan in an enclosed forested area in his farm. Also, he is now growing a lot of organic vegetables. And he is producing vermicompost to fertilize his veggies.

Jess has already put up lodging facilities. He is planning to have his organic farm as an agritourism destination just like that of his friend, Ronald Costales in Majayjay, Laguna.

Surely, tourists who will visit Jess Domingo’s farm will savor his super Sizzling Bulalo. He is one fellow with culinary passion. Farming and cooking are his true love. You should also try his concoctions of fruit juices.

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  1. Hi. My teacher wants to contact Mr. Jess Domingo. Could you please send me his email address? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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