JESS DOMINGO: Natural Farming Practitioner & Culinary Expert To Speak At Agribiz Kapihan, Oct. 27, 2018

A very good cook, Jess Domingo once demonstrated how to cook Singapore Chili Crab and sizzling bulalo at a leisure farm a few years ago.

Jess Domingo cooking his favorite bulalo. He makes special sizzling bulalo.

This Saturday, October 27, 2018, Jess Domingo will share his experiences in running his farm in Ifugao the natural farming way. This will be at the Agribiz Kapihan at the Harbest Events Center, Harbest Building, Rizal Techno Park in Taytay, Rizal.

Jess runs the 100-hectare Rancho Domingo in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao where he has cattle, organic pigs and chickens, vegetables, fruits and other crops. He is upscaling into Permaculture.

Jess Domingo has a practical way of killing grass. He covers them with black plastic or any similar material.

Domingo, a CPA, used to be chief financial officer of three multinational companies in Manila but he had to give up his corporate job when he reached 50 to devote his time to his two passions ā€“ farming and culinary. He is a very good cook. He finished a culinary course and then ran his own culinary school before going back to the farm.

When fresh hot pepper is cheap, say only P40 a kilo, Jess Domingo processes the hot pepper into chili flakes for added value. A kilo of fresh chili fruits costing P40 would be worth P400 if made into chili flakes.

Those who would like to attend the Agribiz Kapihan should pre-register with Alecci Jerez at 0922-852-1843 or 0946-259-3560.

Jess Domingo also raises organic pigs. He could make a profit of more than P5,000 per head.

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