JESS DOMINGO: The Persona You Don’t Know

JESS DOMINGO: The Persona You Don't Know
JESS DOMINGO: The Persona You Don't Know
Jess Domingo checking the beef being boiled over slow fire. It took six hours to boil to the desired softness of the beef that you can eat using just a fork. No need for a knife.

Of course you are familiar with the name Jess Domingo because he has been featured several times in this blog and in our articles in the Manila Bulletin, in Agriculture magazine and in other publications (vernaculars included) of the Manila Bulletin.

You have known that he used to be the chief financial officer of multinational firms (Pepsi, Nestle, San Miguel) and that he gave up his lucrative corporate job to go into organic farming. You have read about him producing organic pigs that gives him more than P5,000 profit per head. You have also read about his very profitable chili project featured last in the June issue of Agriculture magazine.

JESS DOMINGO: The Persona You Don't Know
Jess Domingo preparing the ingredients he used in cooking Singaporean chili crab.

Now, the persona you don’t know about Jess. He is a super cook, a chef educated in an international culinary school and then he also ran a culinary school cum restaurant where he charged P390,000 tuition per student for a year of study.

JESS DOMINGO: The Persona You Don't Know
Male, female and hermaphrodite crabs.

On April 23, 2016, during the 4th Organic Harvest Festival at the Costales Nature Farms, he demonstrated his skills in preparing super-soft sizzling beef bulalo and Singaporean chili crab. It took him to soften the boney beef six hours of slow fire. Yes, that long, but the result is super delicious sizzling bulalo that you can eat with just a fork. No need for a knife. In preparing the chili crab, he demonstrated to friends of Costales farm how to snap the life of the crustaceans by immersing them briefly in boiling water or piercing their heart. Yes, he said the heart of the crab is right in the middle. Then he explained the virtues of the male, the “bakla” and the female crabs.

JESS DOMINGO: The Persona You Don't Know
The dark thing is the feces which has to be removed.

The crabs have to be thoroughly cleaned. The dark thing at one end containing the feces should be removed, otherwise the dish will not meet the standard of international customers.


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