JESS DOMINGO: Two big mistakes he can’t forget

Jess Domingo was impressed by the beautiful lettuce grown the organic way at the Costales Farm.

JESS DOMINGO of Rancho Domingo in Ifugao made two big mistakes he couldn’t forget when he decided to go full-time in agribusiness. He used to be a high corporate official of such companies as San Miguel, Nestle and Pepsi. Now he is devoting his full time managing his 100-hectare farm in the town of Alfonso Lista.

At the Agribiz Kapihan a few months back, he recounted his two big mistakes when he decided to leave his corporate employment and be a full-time farmer. 

ATTENDED FIRST SEMINAR – He attended his first seminar on organic farming at the Costales Nature Farms in Laguna. He loved what he learned. He was sold to the idea of organic agriculture. But he immediately made what he considered his first big mistake. 

What’s that? He saw the beautiful lettuce that Costales produced. And so he also planted lettuce that he fertilized with well decomposed chicken manure. The plants grew robust and healthy. But he considered that a mistake because he had no buyers in Ifugao. They would not even pay P3 per kilo whereas he saw Costales selling the same at P200 per kilo.

Diamante Max tomato by East-west also impressed Jess Domingo. But he planted his seedlings at the wrong time.

IMPRESSED BY TOMATO – The next seminar that he attended was growing off-season vegetables at the East-West Seed. Again, he made another big mistake. Domingo was so impressed by the high-yield of the Diamante-Max tomato of East-West that he planted the variety in January. By March, he had a bountiful harvest and brought 21 crates to a market in Isabela. You know what? The vendors offered only P3 per kilo! That was because it was no longer off-season for tomato. There was an over supply.

LEARNED FROM MISTAKES -But he learned from his mistakes. He stresses that one should not copy everything he sees in other farms. Just adopt the viable concepts.

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