JOB IN SARAWAK: For A Hands-On Layer Farmer

FREE RANGE LAYERS – A professional feeds formulator in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia needs an experienced layer grower who can help him put up a flock of layers for testing his feeds.

A professional feeds formulator from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia is developing an alternative organic feed for free-range layers using bio-fibre from bamboo and protein from Black Soldier Fly larvae. This is a compound which contains other supplements from local plants and herbs.

The fellow has just e-mailed us saying that he wants to hire a chicken farmer with a hands-on experience in taking care of layers. The farmerย  will help in establishing a small layer farm that will be used for testing his feed formulations. The employee will take care of the chicken layers, about 500 at the maximum. Part of his duty would be maintaining a systematic recording of the daily feeding.

The Sarawak feed formulator wants to hire the experienced poultry caretaker for one year. The employment can be extended for another year if the employee so desires.

Those who are interested to apply for the job, please email to us your biodata, emphasizing your experience in taking care of layers, where and how long. My email is: No, I am not a recruiter. I donโ€™t have any financial interest in this. I just want to help. I will forward the name or names of those I believe can meet the requirement to the fellow in Sarawak so they can directly agree on the terms of employment,

Organic eggs for a niche market.
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