JOEL LIM ALCASID: He Goes For Rare Fowls

JOEL LIM ALCASID: He Goes For Rare Fowls
JOEL LIM ALCASID with his Rouen duck, the biggest duck in his collection.

Different entrepreneurs undertake their farm projects with their own unique strategies. They identify their market and try to cater to their particular needs.

In the case of Joel Lim Alcasid, he goes for the rare and expensive fowls. He knows that there are people out there who donโ€™t mind paying a high price for objects that they are passionately interested in. These are mostly moneyed people who are looking for a status symbol that pleases them no end. They are proud to possess something not all people can afford to have.

These people are the target buyers of Joel who showcased some of his prized fowls at the recent Agrilink trade show at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

JOEL LIM ALCASID: He Goes For Rare Fowls
THE MINI ducks called Call Ducks, are the smallest, weighing just about a pound at maturity.

Would you believe, for instance, that a couple of mini ducks called Call Ducks can sell for P18,000? They are pure white ducks that each weighs no more than a pound or half kilo at maturity. They are not for eating. They are taken care of as decorative fowls in the garden of rich hobbyists. Of course, it is a good source of income for enterprising raisers like Joel.

Joel has also introduced the biggest show duck called Rouen. In 8 months this duck will weigh about 9 to 10 pounds. When he ordered his parent ducks from the US, each cost him about P20,000. Now he has multiplied the breed and is selling two to three-week-old ducklings at P2,000 each. Of course, other enterprising business people from other places in the country also buy the ducklings for them to multiply. Then they can sell their own ducklings to people in their locality.

Other fancy ducks being multiplied by Joel include the Cayuga which is considered the oldest duck in the world. Then there is the black duck called Indian runner.

JOEL LIM ALCASID: He Goes For Rare Fowls
SEBASTOPOL Geese with frilled feathers.

Joel also goes for geese. He has the Toulouse geese from France which is famous for its big liver used in making liver pate. A new one is the white Embden goose from Germany. There is also the Sebastopol with white frilled feathers.

JOEL LIM ALCASID: He Goes For Rare Fowls
Three-year-old Lady Amherst pheasant is priced at P18,000

MOST COLORFUL โ€“ The most colorful fowl that Joel exhibited at Agrilink was his three-year-old Lady Amherst pheasant with multicolored plumes and extra-long tail. This commands no less than P18,000, according to Joel. He displayed juvenile pheasants at more affordable prices. He sells 7-month-old Red Golden pheasant at P13,000 a pair.
Peacocks are also expensive fowls that Joel is raising in his farm in Calamb a City. A white peacock costs P35,000 a pair while a black shoulder peacock sells for P40,000 a pair. The most expensive is the Silver Pied peacock that costs P45,000 a pair.

OTHER REWARD โ€“ Taking care of unusual farm animals has its own reward other than the high price that buyers pay for them. In the case of Joel, his farm is a resort which is a tourist destination. The unusual fowls are an attraction that bring in the tourists.

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