JR MABANTA: This Fellow Does Not Procrastinate

JR MABANTA: This Fellow Does Not Procrastinate
JR MABANTA: This Fellow Does Not Procrastinate
JR MABANTA and his six pigs. When this fellow sees a good opportunity, he seizes it right away. He is an employee of the Manila Bulletin. His piggery is in Moncada, Tarlac.

FRANCISCO ‘JR’ MABANTA is one fellow who does not  procrastinate. When he sees an opportunity, he gets into it right away. Just like after joining the AANI Farm Tour that visited the Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna last year. When he saw how Ronald Costales grows his organic pigs, he immediately started his own project in his wife’s hometown, Moncada, Tarlac.

He just started with just six piglets but he is so excited now that he wants to expand his piggery. He uses rice hull as his pigpen’s flooring and sprays EM or Effective Microorganisms to eliminate the usual foul odor in a piggery. And he also formulates his own feeds.

A big portion of his feed consists of yellow corn. He noticed that corn grits cost P20 per kilo whereas the whole grains can be bought for just P12. What he did was to buy a corn pulverizer that converts the grains into a coarse powder. He paid P14,400 for the machine but he can ultimately recover the cost because he now saves a lot. He could also sell his pulverized corn to other raisers at a margin.

He bought his piglets from a friend in Manaoag, Pangasinan, his hometown. He paid P2,400 for each. He had to hire a tricycle to bring the piglets to Moncada some 40 kilometers away at a cost of P600. He transported them before sunrise so the piglets will not suffer from heat stroke.

For convenience in record keeping, he has christened all his pigs. He has named one female after a popular actress which he will retain as his breeder.

This early, some people are already getting curious about the way he grows his pigs. They want to follow his system, too. When he was just starting, some of his neighbors were skeptical about what he was doing. But now, they must have changed their mind.

One lesson we can learn from JR Mabanta is that we should not procrastinate. Whenever we see a good opportunity, we should not tarry. We should grab it ASAP.

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