JULY 28 SWZBS: To Focus On Growing Fruit Trees In Containers; Also More On Starting Your Dream Farm

Fruiting sweet balimbing in a container.

The July 28, 2019 edition of Sundays With Zac B. Sarian (SWZBS) will focus on Growing Fruit Trees In Containers. That’s one way of creating your portable orchard, especially in the urban areas where space is usually limited. There are advantages in growing your fruit trees in containers. If you are living in a rented place, you can bring your plants with you when you decide to transfer residence. Growing fruit trees in containers can also become a business. Grow small grafted trees to fruiting size and sell them at a high price to interested buyers. Who are some of the buyers? Those who are in a hurry to have fruiting trees right in their homes. Others may be buyers who give them as gifts to special persons during their birthday or some other occasions.ย 

Sundays With Zac B, Sarian is held every Sunday. Instead of what used to be from 1:30 to 4 p.m., this time it will be from 2 p.m. to 4 o’clock. We have observed that because of the traffic situation, many of the attendees arrive around 2 o’clock. The seminar/forum is free but attendance is limited to 20 people for more effective sharing of ideas, experiences and information.You can reserve by texting 0995-584-9155. You will be advised regarding your reservation.

Fruiting Abiu in a container. The fruit tastes somewhat like caimito.
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