JUN CATAN: Congee Advocate

Our friend Gonzalo “Jun” Catan, a multi-awarded inventor and founder-owner of Mapecon, has a suggestion to cut rice consumption and help cut rice importation.

He suggests that more people should eat congee for breakfast instead of the full meal with rice. He does that everyday, adding malunggay to his lugaw. He swears that this is very healthy and economizes on rice.
Another way of cutting rice consumption is to eat sweet potato instead of rice. Some people are doing this already. One is Fred Yap, a fisheries expert who used to suffer from hypertension. After shifting to a sweet potato diet (in place of rice), he is much healthier now and his food cost has also gone down. He eats sweet potato with all the usual viands that go with rice. Another sweet potato eater is Pio Rodriguez who is a regular member of the Kaunlaran Sa Agrikultura radio program aired every Sunday morning, 4:30 to 7:30, at radio station DWWW, 774 khz on the AM band.
We, too, love to eat steamed sweet potato roots for breakfast together with the usual breakfast fare. 

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