Just A Hunch: Sea Water For Watering Coconuts

Just A Hunch: Sea Water For Watering Coconuts
Just A Hunch: Sea Water For Watering Coconuts
One possibility is that coconut trees can benefit from watering them with sea water. It will be more practical to do that in places near the sea. It could be better than the recommendation of the Philippine Coconut Authority to apply two kilos of salt per tree.

We just received the story of a lady farmer from Bohol who has produced better yields by watering her peanut plants with sea water.

Now, we have this hunch that watering coconut trees with sea water would also work wonders. That should be more practical in many places than applying two kilos of salt per tree as suggested by Philippine Coconut Authority. An enterprising entrepreneur can have a fleet of tankers that he can use to deliver sea water to coconut plantations. He can mechanize the application of the sea water to make it fast and efficient.

Our suggestion is for government scientists to undertake the research to come up with a scientific basis for this particular idea. This research should not cost very much. There are millions of research money from PCAARRD and the Bureau of Agricultural Research.

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  1. We live 500 meters away from the ocean in Bohol, our coconuts now yield roughly 15-18 nuts per bunch as we pile weeds, leaves and small branches around the base of each tree. A friend living on the ocean has coconut trees that yield as much as 26 nuts per bunch as the ocean waves spray the base of the trees. We now are spreading ocean water around each tree approximately 2-3 meters from the base in order to reach the roots. We shall see!

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