KADAYAWAN AGRI TRADE FAIR: All Systems Go, Aug. 1-31, 2019 At SM Annex Grounds, Ecoland, Davao City

The yearly Kadayawan Agri Trade Show is on.

It is all systems go for the 2019 edition of Kadayawan Agri Trade Fair from August 1-31 at the SM Annex Grounds, Ecoland, Davao City, announced Vicky Jimenez of the Mindanao Garden Club Inc. (MGCI).

A total of 400 commercial stallholders have now put up their stalls where they are showcasing their best horticultural products that include ornamental plants, orchids, fruit trees and garden supplies.The landscape exhibits will formally open by August 12 but right away the commercial section is very much alive. A lot of people are being drawn by the fruit-bearing trees grown in containers like lemons, oranges and other citrus varieties. There will be fruit trees competition which will receive cash awards and ribbons.

A very happy Rowena Tatoy poses with her fruiting rare citrus, An attraction at the garden exhibits.
Participating commercial stallholders and exhibitors in the competitions get briefing from the chairman of the event.

Vicky Jimenez reports that the Waling-Waling, the Queen of Orchids, are now in bloom and will certainly draw special attention among orchid aficionados. Hybrids as well as native species will be competing for awards. Then there are the wide array of ornamental plants that include native and imported ferns, philodendrons, foliage and flowering anthuriums, cacti and succulents, aglaonemas, bromeliads, landscaping materials, ground covers and many others will be showcased in the landscape exhibits and will also be available at the commercial section.

Vicky Jimenez at left and a couple of her hardworking assistants.
WALING-WALING now in bloom.

As in previous years, Vicky says they expect a lot of visitors from Metro Manila as well as from foreign countries like Thailand, Indonesia,Singapore and also from the United States.

Fruit lovers will also be able to savour the delicious mangosteen, marang, durian, pomelo and other fruits grown in Mindanao.

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