AT KADAYAWAN GARDEN SHOW: Nice People And Beautiful Plants

Here are interesting people we met and beautiful plants we saw at the Kadayawan Garden Show (whole month of August 2017) at the grounds of SM Davao City. We were there to judge the entries in the fruit trees competition. But we also talked to a lot people and their orchids, ornamentals and fruit trees. Here we go:

BEST ORNAMENTAL IN SHOW, First Prize in the Variegated Category. It’s a hybrid philodendron owned by Nenita de los Santos.
This is Bing Onari and her Neoregelia Invincible. It is a relatively new introduction in Davao and it costs a small fortune.[/caption

[caption id="attachment_19093" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Ven Gallego and his Golden Rosal. It’s a bestseller. Practically all his medium-size stocks were sold out.
King of Kings foliage anthurium of Beth and Noel Aton is an attention-getter. Its new leaf is purple, slowly turning yellow in a couple of days. It is still very expensive because it is new. One fellow told me, a small plant could cost a few thousand pesos.
This is a Clitorea ternatea, a climbing plant with edible flowers. This caught my attention because this is normally a vine that needs support. This one has developed woody stems through sustained pruning. The plant could be several years old.
This is the Variegated Chico of Lorena Tatoy that won second prize in the Frujit Trees category. It has at least a hundred fruits that are very sweet when ripe.
This is the very floriferous bougainvillea of Vicky Traer that won second prize in the Flowering category.
IMELDA AGUSTIN is the proud owner of this beautiful variegated Schefflera that won second prize in the Variegated Category.
GOLDEN SERRATUM that won Fist Prize in the Philodendron category. It is owned by Lourdes Apostol.
Prize-winning Renanthera or Fire Orchid at the booth of Puentespina Orchid and Tropical Plants.
Singapore COBRA FERN of Beth and Noel Aton won 2nd Prize in the Ferns Category.
FIRST PRIZE in the Flowering Category, ELAEOCARPUS RIDLEYI owned by Vicky Traer.
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