Kids Enjoy Visiting A Fruit Farm

Eileen Carlos (left) and AJ Estrella and her little Jara Louise posing with a fruitful Longkonhg lanzones. Unfortunately, the fruits were not yet fully ripe when they visited.
The fruits are not yet ready for harvest.

Parents who visit a farm should bring their kids with them. They will enjoy the experience and will probably learn to love agriculture.

Just like a couple of employees who visited the Sarian Farm recently. Jerry and AJ Estrella brought with them their daughter Jara Louise while their officemate, Eileen Carlos, brought with her young son Nathan. The kids, and their parents, enjoyed tasting luscious rambutan and posing with Longkong lanzones which unfortunately were not yet ripe.

Here are some of their photos.

Jara Louise Estrella and R-5 rambutan fruits. Sweet and juicy.
Nathan Carlos showing his own bunch of rambutan.
Jerry and AJ Estrella and their daughter Jara Louise with their rambutan.
Nathan and his mother Eileen Carlos who works for SkyCable.
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