FROM KNOWN-YOU PHILS: New Lisianthus a.k.a. Paper Roses

Known-You Philippines has introduced new varieties of the Melody Series Lisianthus that is also known as Paper Roses. The flowers command a high price in the market but it takes special care to grow them successfully, according to Aubregyn V. Ancheta of KYP.

This is Lisianthus Melody Series Blue.
Lisianthus Melody Series Green.

The seeds available include Melody Series Rose, Melody Series Green, Melody Series Deep Blue and Melody Series Blue. These varieties can be grown from seed which are as small as a grain of sand. The seedlings are fragile so they should be taken care of properly. They should be maintained under greenhouse conditions. They love a soil pH of 6.5 to 7, which means not acidic. If your soil is acidic, you can increase the alkalinity by adding limestone. Ideal growing condition is from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Melody Series Deep Blue.
Melody Series Rose.
For more information, contact Aubregyn Ancheta at 0917-320-1689 ir 0999-968-0630.

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