KUMATO – The High-Priced Tomato From Syngenta

JINGQING BI of Syngenta with Kumato fruits in a bowl.

In photo is JINGQING BI holding a bowl of Kumato, a tomato developed by Syngenta with a very special flavor, so special that it is selling in Europe four times the ordinary salad tomato. It sells for 4 Euros per kilo in Europe whereas the ordinary salad tomato sells for only 1 Euro per kilo.
This variety with maroon fruits about 70 to 80 grams per fruit was showcased at the Crops Demonstration Day conducted by Syngenta at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore (April 26, 2012).
In Singapore, some Kumato fruits are available in a few supermarkets at S$13 to S$15 per kilo. That’s P408 to P510 per kilo in Philippine money!
Unfortunately, seeds are not available in the Philippines. They are being sold only in the US, Australia, Europe and Japan. Maybe, if you have a relative in the US, ask him or her to look for a packet or two of Kumato seeds for your trial planting. Who knows, that could start a money-making business for you, catering to a specialty market.
Syngenta showcased its agri technology innovations on various crops such as vegetables, rice, corn, sugarcane, oilseeds, specialty crops, soybean, cereals and lawn and garden.
We will write more about the technology innovations from the researchers of Syngenta in this blog and in our articles in the Manila Bulletin publications (daily newspaper and magazines). Syngenta allocates US$1 billion a year for agricultural research.

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