Lagikway Leaves Make Super Tempura

Lagikway Leaves Make Super Tempura
Lagikway Leaves Make Super Tempura
Lagikway leaves tempura we had for breakfast on January 13, 2014. Really very nice to eat.

FOR BREAKFAST on January 13, 2014, we decided to try cooking Lagikway leaves tempura, the indigenous bush vegetable ย that we posted earlier on this blog.

Nobody mentioned among those we interviewed that Lagikway leaves could be cooked into tempura, but we decided to try it anyway.

And the result? We got a superb tempura which set us thinking that this could be commercialized by some enterprising guy. Lagikway could be grown commercially and the fresh leaves supplied to beerhouses and other places where people go there to drink.

Why did we think of this commercial possibility? Because it can be a very nice ‘plutan’ for beer drinkers. We believe that it can be a bestseller. We like the Lagikway tempura much better than the crispy kangkong we used to taste in the Visayas when we travel there.

Of course Lagikway tempura is not only for beer drinkers. It could become a favorite of children who normally don’t eat much vegetables. And surely, even the adults and elderly would love the crisp Lagikway tempura.

So far, the tempura flour we got from Bangkok makes the best tempura for us. We have tried some locally available counterparts but we still prefer the tempura flour mix from Thailand.

Lagikway Leaves Make Super Tempura
The freshly picked Lagikway leaves we cooked into tempura with tempura flour from Bangkok.
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