Large Black Pig Crossed With Pietrain: 11 Piglets, All Black, 1.2 to 1.6 Kg. Each At Birth



The Pietrain sow with its 11 all-black litter. It was bred by a Large Black Pig boar.


Eleven all-black piglets were born on Sept. 8, 2018 at the Ragsak Farm in Tarlac, the product of crossing the Large Black Pig with Pietrain, a white breed with black spots.

The owner is so excited because of the apparent dominance of the LBP which has transferred its prolificacy to the other breed. The piglets are really big ย (1.2 to 1.6 kg at birth) compared to the piglets of the native black pig which could be just 250 grams at birth.

The Large Black Pig is very docile and can be raised as a free-range swine. It is very fast-growing and can be fed with ย TMR or Total Mix Ration which is much ย cheaper than the commercial feed in the market. TMR is a premium version of corn silage, fermented and enriched with additional protein.

The owner will also cross the LBP with the native black pig and other commercial breeds to find out what could be the results.

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