LARRY MICULOB: Chairman Of 2017 Agrilink Trade Show

Larry Miculob (left) is the 2017 Agrilink trade show chairman. He is with Antonio V. Roces, president of FRLD which is staging the annual Agrilink trade show. They are posing with a durian tree heavy with flower buds in Miculob’s durian farm.

A commercial durian farmer is the chairman of the 2017 Agrilink trade show which will be held on October 5 to7 at the World Trade Center at the corner of Puyat Avenue and Macapagal Blvd. in Pasay City. He is Candelario “Larry” Miculob who is the chairman of the Mindanao Fruit Industry Development Council (MFIDC) and the Durian Industry Council of Davao City.

Agrilink’s theme this year is “Improved Varieties and Postharvest Facilities: Essential to Profitability.” This will highlight how adopting improved crop varieties can help farmers increase their yield and income which can be achieved through technological interventions along with the latest machinery and equipment which play an important role in the whole marketing chain. Agrilink 2017, the event’s 24th edition, will also focus on Region XI, or the Davao region, known to be one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of banana, papaya, mangosteen, and even flowers.

Cavendish banana has bright export prospects as China and Russia have opened their markets to Philippine fruits.
According to Antonio V. Roces, president of Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development (FRLD) which is staging Agrilink, Miculob’s expertise, particularly in the fruits sector, will help Agrilink provide stakeholders and entrepreneurs a clearer view of how improved crop varieties and right postharvest facilities can help address the challenges of the value chain by enhancing the competitiveness of our products.

Miculob said that the general outlook of major fruits produce in the Davao region is very bright. There is an increasing demand for Cavendish bananas as China and Russia open their markets to our products. Durian made headway to China and Singapore last year. Last year, we exported to China via other Asean countries about 150 tons of fresh durian and around 80 tons of frozen durian.

Local durian producers will have to compete with durian from Thailand shown in photo.
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