Leading Commercial Makopa Variety

Leading Commercial Makopa Variety
Star Ruby fruits ready for serving.

The Star Ruby makopa (Wax Apple) is the leading variety that is commercially produced in Thailand and Vietnam.

The brilliantly colored fruits are usually served during breakfast in upscale hotels in the two countries. The fruit is sweet and crisp.

Fruits are sold by the crate at the huge Talad Thai Market, an hour’s drive north of Bangkok.

This variety was introduced in the Philippines several years ago and is proven to perform well under local conditions. However, there are really no big plantations yet in the country.

Marcotted planting materials are available in limited number at the Teresa Orchard and Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. The nursery is along the road, about 30 meters before the boundary of Teresa and Morong. Teresa is the next town to Antipolo City. For more info on planting materials, call or text Rose at 0915-434-4216.

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