LESSON 101: From Efren Sotto’s Small Hito Project

Yummy crispy hito!
Efren Sotto stocked only 1,000 fingerlings at a tme. That’s very small compared to other hito farmers.

You are a regular visitor to my blog, right? If so, you  have read about him in a previous post in this blog. He is Efren Sotto, the fellow who produced the best salted egg Circa 1993. 

SMALL IS MANAGEABLE – Well, Sotto also had a small manageable catfish (hito) project. He only stocked his pond with 1,000 fingerlings at a time unlike many other hito farmers who stocked hundreds of thousands in their ponds.

STUDIED THE MARKET  A small hito project, Efren said, is very manageable. He had studied the market and sold only the size that commanded a price of P20 per kilo more than the next hito producer. The additional P20 per kilo  made a big difference.

LESSON – The bright lesson to be learned here is that you should observe what your customers want. Then produce the size and quality that will suit their needs. Then you will have better income.

Two other farmers come to mind. So continue reading.

SLENDER OKRA – One is an okra grower in Laoag City. He observed that the buyers loved the okra fruits that were more slender and shorter than those usually found in the market. So what did he do? He planted his okra much closer than usual to produce the slender okra!

Oh, no! These okra fruits are too big for picky customers.
Perfect okra size for pinakbet.

SMALL TILAPIA – The other fellow was a tilapia farmer in Tarlac. He observed that many of his buyers were low-income families with many children. For them, he sold tilapia that only weighed 125 grams each or 8 pieces to a kllo. Why did the poor families buy the small tilapia? So that each member of the family will have at least one tilapia at meal time.

These are too big tilspia for families of modest means. They want smaller ones so each member of the family can have at least one at meal time.
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