Let’s produce “baklang” papaya for bigger profit!

The hermaphrodite papaya has oblong fruits.


The female papaya produces roundish fruits.

Preople who know their papaya swear that the Bakla or hermaphrodite papaya fruit tastes much better than the “Babae” or female papaya fruit. It is very easy to distinguish one from the other. The Bakla is oblong and cylindrical. On the other hand, the fruit of the female papaya tree is roundish.

The fruit of the Bakla has smaller cavity and is often sweeter and more fleshy than the female fruit.

How can we produce more seedlings that will bear “bakla” fruits? Here’s how. In producing F1 or first generation hybrid that will all bear fruit, two parent lines are used. There’s the male parent line (the source of pollen) and the female parent line which receives the pollen.

Usually, the seedlings in the market  consist of 50 percent “bakla” and 50 percent female, according to the lady scientist who developed Sinta Papaya, the first papaya hybrid produced in the Philippines, if you use a hermaphrodite as a male parent line (the source of pollen) and use another hermaphrodite as the female parent line, the result will be two hermaphrodite or bakla seedlings and one female.

The problem would how to distinguish the bakla and the female seedling that are produced. So far, there’s no known solution to that.

Anyway, we need the llike of Reynold Pimentel who is an expert plant breeder to teach non-scientists how to do the job of mating two hermapjrodote papayas to produce the desired bakla seedlings.

Rey Pee is famous for his hoya hybrids which he seems to be very obsessed in doing these days. However, as a consultant of a multinational company he has done breeding of papaya and pineapple. Before that, he became famous for his series of hibiscus hybrids while he was in Los Baños. He has also bred Mussandas and other plants.

The “baklang” papaya is fleshy, has small cavity and is sweet and juicy.

Isn’t this interesting?

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