wE received the email that we are reproducing below from Tola Ajala from Nigeria. It is obvious that agriculture also takes a back seat in his country. Here we go.

I am overwhelmed at your passion and commitment to agriculture generally. In my country Nigeria, although we have a slogan that “Farmer is King”, we have neglected agriculture in spite of vast arable and rich land, we allowed crude oil to blind.

Iam a Building Engineer but also passionate about agriculture, more so postharvest technology and agriculture waste processing.

Smallholder farmers need to realize that farming is a business and not a vocation and this is one area of advocacy I am working on. To promote appropriate farm technology value chain.

Primarily, we are Business Development Service Providers and currently, we have an MOU with an Indian organization on the supply of concentrate spores to formulate organic fertilizer for use by smallholder farmers.

A topend project is a postharvest encapsulation technology of onion.

I have registered for your newsletter and from all I have read from your website and blogs, I am convinced of a mutual working relationship.

Based on all the above, we seek collaboration on the production and application of biochar for smallholder farmers and other value addition technologies of agricultural waste generally–TOLA AJALA, Tefal Associates +234-80232551041.

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3 thoughts on “LETTER FROM NIGERIA

  1. Thank you for re-posting our inquiry and status on agriculture in Nigeria.
    On further reading of your blogs, i am further amazed about the enormous opportunities available.
    For example corn cobs processed to animal feed. Corn cobs waste in thousands of tons in Nigeria including rice husk. Can you kindly link us with Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang. We would like to procure his Durablom bio organic fertilizer and the powdered corn cobs. His phone and e-mails on Novatech website are not going through.

    There are tremendous opportunities in Nigeria in the agriculture sector.

    Thanking you for this opportunity.

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