Lettuce and Sweet Corn Together

Here’s one doable idea you can adopt in your farm or garden. You can grow your favorite sweet corn together with your favorite leafy green – lettuce.

Photo shows just how it is done at the Permaculture Farming showcase at the headquarters of East-West Seed Company in San Rafael, Bulacan.

The sweet corn is planted at one seed per hill and distanced about 1.5 feet apart. In between the hills are lettuce which as are very healthy and robust as can be seen in the picture.

The planting bed is mulched to prevent weed growth and to conserve moisture at the same time. During rainy days, the mulch prevents waterlogging.

No chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used so the leafy greens are very safe to eat. To see for yourself, better visit the East-West headquarters one of these days.

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