LISTEN! Los Baños Expert Tells How To Reduce Pesticide Residue In The Veggies We Cook

To make sure the veggies are safe to cook, follow the steps in this

DR. SUSAN MAY F. CALUMPANG of UP Los Baños has identified four easy ways to remove pesticide residues in the vegetables we cook. A scientist from UP Los Baños, she is concerned because one can never be sure whether or not the vegetables available in the market have been sprayed with chemical pesticide just before harvest.

 To be safe, here are her practical suggestions:

1.Mix 2 teaspons of vinegar into 4 cups of water and use this for soaking your vegetables for two minutes. This can reduce insecticide residues by up to 80 percent.

2. Mix 10 drops of liquid detergent into one liter of water and use this to wash your vegetables. Afterwards, rinse the vegetables in running tap water. This can reduce insecticide residues by 67-88 percent.

3. Boil vegetables. Insecticides are destroyed and broken down when they react to heat and water.

4. Broiling or grilling vegetables is another way of reducing pesticide residues. Eggplant is one vegetable that is usually broiled or grilled.

Dr. Calumpang led a team of researchers that made a research study to establish mitigating measures to minimize pesticide residues in intact and fresh-cut vegetables and sprouts. The study was funded by PCAARRD, an agency of the Department of Science and Technology.

Ilocano ampalaya in the market. The fruits could have been sprayed with pesticide before harvest, no one is sure.
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