LISTEN!!! Master A Special Skill That Could Earn You Big Income!

Lapu-lapu is a high-value fish.

Master a skill or technique that other people find it difficult to do, and you will have a niche that can make you rich. Just like a fellow from Daet, Camarines Norte who has mastered the art of culturing tiny lapu-lapu fingerlings to 5-inch size.

Even the the veteran lapu-lapu grower from Quezon, Dr. Ruben Tan. admits he is not successful in growing the tiny fingerlings that could be had for as low as P1 each. So he just buys the 5-inch fingerlings that cost him P60 each for his grow-out operation. 

The Daet fingerling expert can grow the tiny fingerlings to 5-inch size in a matter of four months. He is lucky because lapu-lapu fingerlings from the wild are available in the Philippines in different places at different times so he has a year-round supply. 

In July 2019 when we met Dr. Tan, he said he had placed an order for 2,000 five-inch fingerlings from the Daet guy. That was worth a cool P120,000 for the Daet man.

Nestor Kalaw whom we met during a recent Sweet Corn Field Day. He is eyeing to grow sweet corn, too.

CASE NO.2 – NESTOR KALAW of Lipa City studied to become a seaman. But instead of boarding a ship, he decided to master the trade of growing high-value vegetables by attending hands-on training on off-season production, seminars and farm visits.

After training, he partnered with people with money. They rented farmland to plant vegetables. He would partner with a guy  for growing tomatoes in big scale. After one cropping, they would deduct all the cash expenses and then divide the remainder. One time, we learned they each had a share of P750,000 after a growing cycle of just four months.

He did not partner with just one. One time he would partner with another guy to grow hot pepper. And another season, he would partner  with someone to grow ampalaya and so on.

You only have to see his palatial home in Lipa as proof of his financial success.

Nestor Kalaw studied to become a seaman but found a better opportunity in growing high-value vegetables. He had to master the art of growing high-value veggies.
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