LISTEN! Seed firms look for good farmers to try their new varieties!

Angelito Mendoza and his harvest of Red Dragon onion from Ramgo Seeds.

When seed companies know that you are a good farmer, they will look for you to be the first to try their new varieties. And that’s good for you because if the variety turns to be a winner, you will be the first beneficiary. The seed company will give you the priority to plant more of the new variety and with their technical assistance, too. Just like the case of a farmer in Quezon.

FARMERS in Sariaya, Quezon plant a lot of vegetables like radish, ampalaya, tomato, cabbage, eggplant and more. But not onion. So in December 2018, Ramgo Seeds  convinced Angelito Mendoza, 50, of Brgy. Mangalang to plant the seed company’s No.1 onion variety, the Red Dragon.

TRIAL PLANTING – Mendoza set aside 300 square meters for the trial planting, using 1.5 packets of seeds worth P825. The crop was harvested on March 1, 2019 during a harvest festival attended by 70 farmers from different parts of Sariaya and officials of the High-Value Crops Development Program in the region.

NOT EXPENSIVE TO PRODUCE – What was the result? Mendoza was pleasantly surprised because for total expenses of P5,000 for 15 kilos of fertilizer, two times spraying with pesticide, land preparation and labor, he was able to gross P34,600 plus five kilos of ‘rejects” for home consumption. That means each square meter produced P115.33 and that is why he is determined to plant a bigger area to Red Dragon in the next planting season.

BIG CAPITAL NOT NEEDED – Mendoza observes that onion does not require a big capital to raise compared to other vegetables like tomato, ampalaya and others. Tomato and ampalaya require posts and trellises that are also expensive. They also require more pesticides as well as more farm workers which are also getting more expensive.

PRODUCT OF RAMGO RESEARCH – Red Dragon is a product of Ramgo’s own research efforts with a foreign plant breeding partner. It is high-yielding with high quality bulbs that have long storage life. It is also resistant to pests and diseases.

CONTACT – For more info on Red Dragon, inquire through their facebook page: Ramgoseeds and website:


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