LOCKED DOWN! But Toti Almeda is busy as ever making white cheese out of goat’s milk, here he tells how

Totie pouring fresh milk into stainless container.
Toti Almeda is carrying the final product of 100 grams per pack. He placed each in a container to prevent the cheese being squashed in the shelves of supermarkets.

TOTI ALMEDA is the marketing manager of Alaminos Goat Farm in Laguna. He is locked down in his home in Biñan but he does not waste any hour because he is making white cheese out of goat’s milk in their product development kitchen at home.

Here he is sharing the technique in making goat milk cheese developed by his late father, Rene Almeda,  who founded Alaminos Goat Farm in 2005. He processes 33 liters of milk per batch which takes three days to finish from pouring the fresh milk to vacuum-packing 100-gram cheese ready for delivery to buyers. The selling price ex-farm of one pack is P150.

Here, we go. The materials like various containers and gadgets used are not included here.


33 Liters of Fresh Goat Milk





1. Pour Milk into container (see photo)

2. Start stirring milk using beater.

3. Add Salt while Heating Milk to 35 degrees C.

4. Add Culture and leave for 1 hr.

5. Add Rennet and leave for 1.5 hrs.

6. Cut Cheese using long cutter.

7. Remove 8 bottles of whey.

8. Pour to cheese mold until full.

8. Flip and Press every 4hrs at the draining tray.

9. Check weight.

10. Vacuum pack.

11. Ready for delivery to outlets.

Yield: 4.2-4.5 kilos of Fresh White Goats Cheese

Perfect with Sandwich / Pizza / Lasagna

Made with Love by Toti, Agnes and Lisa

Procedure developed through the years by our late Daddy Rene Almeda, his legacy will live on.

Say Cheese!!!!
Filling the molds.
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