Long Grain Hybrid Rice Competition To Be Launched Sept. 12, 2019

US-88 produces long grains that are soft when cooked, a characteristic favored by many consumers.

A competition in the production of a long grain hybrid rice will be launched on September 12, 2019 during a gathering of SeedWorks Philippines stakeholders at the Crystal Waves Events Center in Talavera, Nueva Ecija.

Participating farmers will plant US-88, a long grain variety that is prized for its softness when cooked, a characteristic that is well liked by many consumers. This variety is not only excellent as well-milled white rice but is also great in producing brown rice. Brown rice is considered a more healthful source of carbohydrates with high milling recovery. The contestants will plant US-88 in their own farms and the fellow who will obtain the highest yield per unit area will receive valuable prizes at the end of the next dry season cropping.

US-88 is highly suitable for producing brown rice. With brown rice, higher milling recovery is obtained.

Carlos Saplala, SeedWorks president, also announced that US-88 seeds in convenient 3-kilo packs will be unveiled during the event dubbed “Ang Hari Sa Ani 2019”. The event will be attended by farmers in Central and Northern Luzon, farm technicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Celebrity Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro will add excitement to the fun, music and sumptuous meal in the evening. Attendees could also win valuable raffle prizes and enjoy other surprises.

CARLOS SAPLALA, SeedWorks Philippines president.

Celebrity Chef Boy Logro will add excitement to the fun, music, sumptuous meal and raffle prizes in the evening at the “Ang Hari sa Ani” event.
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