Longkong Harvest Time

Longkong Harvest Time

One of the most enjoyable parts of small-time farming is harvesting the fruits of your own trees. Just like what we do almost every morning. We go around our little farm after waking up in the morning and pick whatever is ripe for immediate consumption.

Longkong Harvest Time
Your blogger, Zac B. Sarian, with his harvest of sweet longkong fruits.

Just like what we did this morning (Sept. 4). We picked some of our ripe longkong lanzones and shared some with our colleagues in the office. Joy also comes when people we shared with appreciate the sweetness of our harvest.

The fruits we harvested were fully ripe and they are in their sweetest. Longkong does not have latex and most of the fruits are seedless. So it is really very nice to eat.

Longkong is a variety of lanzones from Thailand which costs a lot when imported and sold in the local market. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Pablito P. Pamplona, a fruit expert who retired from the University of Southern Mindanao. He was responsible for popularizing longkong in the Philippines. He brought planting materials from Thailand and multiplied them, sharing them with whoever was interested to grow the fruit tree. He also wrote a planting guide.

We have been multiplying this variety in our nursery in Teresa, Rizal and so many other people have acquired their planting materials from us. We will surely bring some to the Agrilink trade show come Octobver 9-11 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City or get them here SARIAN FARM.

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5 thoughts on “Longkong Harvest Time

  1. Hi Sir, i love reading your posts with regards to Longkong lanzones. I am a lucky one who got a father that had given me a lanzones farm. Last year my husband tried selling our produce (longkong) to farmers market, it’s a nice venture and by coming October this year we will do it again. We buy Agriculture Magazine as it help us learn more about farming. I love farming and I live through it.

    1. Please tell us more about your longkong experience. Where is your farm? And please give us your complete name and address. We might want to write about your farming.

  2. Hello po Sir,

    We would loved to do a longkong picking in your farm? Do you have that option to do it

    there in your farm for a fee?

    Please let me know.. Thank you for your time..

    Best regards,
    Edna 0916-793-0015

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