Look, Ma! Bianca Mercado Has A Jumbo Jackfruit!

Bianca Mercado and her jumbo jackfruit.

Engr. Ed Merado and Dr. Yayan Mercado are proud amateur farmers. They are so happy that the fruit trees they planted in their farm in Angat, Bulacan are now bearing fruits. These include latexless jackfruit, sweet balimbing, Vietnam pomelos and others that they purchased from a nursery in Teresa, Rizal.

Their daughter Bianca does not mind carrying the 20-kilo weight of their jumbo jackfuit in photo. Jackfruit is a better crop to grow than mango because it is not affected by kurikong that is now a menace to mango growers.

The Mercados used to produce catfish and tilapia fingerlings. They are now occupied with some other money-making ventures while they grow fruit trees as a hobby.

Calla, granddaughter of Dr. Yayan Mercado, approves of their beautiful jackfruit below.

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