LOOK!!! Our Sweet Kamias Is Super Prolific!

Sweet Kamias at the Sarian Farm full of fruits. Photo taken March 20, 2020.

We are so happy about our Sweet Kamias because it is so prolific. After each batch of fruits, in less than a month, flowers come out again and in no time the fruits are there for our visitors in the farm to taste.ย 

Those who taste the fruit for the first time are really amazed. They love to munch the newly harvested fruit because it is nice to eat as fresh fruit straight from the tree. Of course, they say that it can not be used for cooking sinigang.ย 

Aside from eating as fresh fruit, the Sweet Kamias is a perfect ingredient in salads. In fact, one Chinese customer had to insist in getting one of our first propagations because she wanted to use the fruits for her salad.

We believe that if the fruit can be produced in big volume, it can be packed like so many other farm produce and sold in supermarkets.

By the way, it is not advisable to marcot the branches to multiply the plant. We tried in the early days but we were not successful. The marcots produced fine roots so that they usually did not survive during establishment. The best thing to do is to propagate by seed. The seeds of ripe fruit readily sprout. And seedlings start bearing fruit in three to four years if they are properly taken care of.

When planted in the ground, these big seedlings will usually bear fruit in two to three years.
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