Lots Of Free Seminars At Agrilink 2018



The Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service of the DA will conduct a seminar on high-value crops and other topics on October 4, 2018.


The Bureau of Agricultural Research will unveil a technology that aims to commercialize four different kinds of chevon-based (goat meat) products on October 4.

The premier agricultural trade show, Agrilink 2018, has released the schedule of seminars and demonstrations during the three-day event which will be held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City from October 4-6.


The Department of Agriculture (DA) and its allied agencies as well as other agribusiness organizations will be holding free seminars, technical workshops and demos, investment forum, and business-to-business (B2B) seminars.


On October 4, the DA’s Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) will have a seminar unveiling production and processing technologies. One of these is a sustainable technology on producing soft, semi and hard cheeses utilizing locally produced milk from buffaloes, goats, and cows. The technology was designed to produce high-quality but affordable varieties of cheese and use improved packaging and labeling processes. BAR will also unveil a technology that aims to commercialize four different kinds of chevon-based (goat meat) products. The food technology is designed to be convenient to use and optimally aligned to consumer preferences both in local and export markets.


BFAR will also conduct a Fisheries Forum featuring various technology and investment opportunities in fisheries and a business matching activity to help link MSMEs with local and foreign buyers. BFAR will also highlight its major programs at Agrilink’s Seafood Pavilion.


On the same day, the University of the Philippines Los Baños’ Postharvest Horticulture Training and Research Center will have a technical seminar on the perennial challenges affecting swine productivity, the different components of a swine production system, and addressing the biological, ecological, economic, social and legal factors of a swine-based agribusiness.  Also a seminar on food safety in handling Philippine crops. The discussion will cover safety issues in fresh fruits and vegetables along the value chain, from physical and chemical handling, including heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbial contamination.


On October 4, Anton Kruger of Fresh Produce Exporters Forum will be holding a talk on the South African fresh produce industry, focusing on addressing international trends on food security, production and consumption. The seminar will also discuss industry information on fruit production and export and optimizing agricultural resources such as land, water, energy and people.


On October 5 and 6, the DA will hold awareness campaigns on how entrepreneurs and agribusinesses can further tap other profitable markets by having halal, kosher and organic agriculture certifications.  These certifications are based on the production systems involved in processing certain products. In halal and kosher certifications, for instance, each ingredient, additive and processing aid must comply with Islamic and Jewish dietary laws and duly approved by a halal or kosher auditor.


The DA will also hold a seminar on “Fair for Life” certification, an international certification program overseen by the brand-neutral Institute of Marketecology for social accountability and fair trade in agricultural, trading and manufacturing supply chains. The “Fair for Life” certification is present in more than 90 countries and focuses on sustainability in production processes, social and environmental responsibility, and fairness business model and pricing.


The DA, through the Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service (DA-AMAS), will also hold investment forums on opportunities in hog raising, poultry, high-value crops, vermicomposting and agri-tourism. There will also be a seminar that aims to provide farmers and fisherfolk information on the special insurance, credit and other financial assistance programs offered by the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation , Agricultural Credit Policy Council and Land Bank of the Philippines.



On October 5, Dr. Angelica Magno will conduct a seminar on hog feed management.

On October 5, Dr. Angelica Magno of Premium Feeds Corporation will be holding a seminar on best practices and case studies on hog feed management in hogs. It will focus on understanding nutritional feeding strategies at each stage in hog farming to ensure growth performance targets are met.


Santeh Feeds Corporation will be conducting a technical workshop on setting up a profitable shrimp farming business through traditional earthen ponds and use of natural food and minerals.


On October 6, San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation will be holding a seminar on efficient poultry production through the use of plastic slats. The use of plastic flooring, for instance, helps eliminate foot problems and breast blisters in broilers, thus improving their health. The company will also unveil its Enviro-Tuff radiant barrier, an insulation technology, which helps maintain comfortable temperature in agricultural houses or farms, thereby reducing energy costs. The heat transfer is carried out through radiation; Enviro-Tuff also resists radiant heat flow and can reflect up to 97% of heat.


The Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company’s (UNAHCO) Sarimanok will conduct a seminar on duck farming. It will discuss challenges faced by duck farmers and provide best practices for increasing capacity utilization and capabilities in duck farming. The discussion will cover genetics, reliable sourcing of stocks and good housing. It will also discuss techniques that will help duck egg production be more profitable, including brooding, lighting, body weight management and quality feeds. The seminar will also tackle sustainability, disease prevention, biosecurity and bird flu prevention. On the same day, the Sustainable Tree Farmers Group of the Philippines will launch its tree farming handbook, which is a collaboration with the non-profit organization The Forest Foundation. They will also conduct discussions on agroforestry—where trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops—and how it will help address climate change and deforestation.


On October 6, FeedPro will be having a seminar on hog farming, focusing on the use of natural hog feeds, priobiotic technology and fast feed fermentation.


Aside from the free seminars, Agrilink 2018 will also feature local and international agricultural products, live animal and plant display and other special activities that will underscore the most up-to-date and ground-breaking inputs, technologies and alliances that will enhance the profitability, sustainability and productivity of the interdependent industries of agriculture, aquaculture and food. For participation, contact FRLD at 8384491, 09175888799 or email frld.agrilink@gmail.com. Visitors can also pre-register their attendance through www.agrilink.org or its official Facebook page at facebook.com/agrilinkPH.



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