LOUIE RAFAEL: Seaman With Hobby Farm Of Fruit Trees,Tayug, Pangasinan


Louie Rafael posing with fruiting caimito grown in a container at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

Louie Rafael is a seaman for more than 20 years and still active in the service. Every six months, he could have a vacation of three months so he spends his vacation in his native Tayug, Pangasinan where he has a hobby farm planted to exotic fruit trees.

Many of his fruit trees were acquired from the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. He is particularly happy with his Golden Queen mango which has been giving him big fruits. He observes Golden seems to be more hardy than the Carabao mango. Many fruits of the carabao mango fall prematurely whereas he has not observed any fruit drop with the Golden Queen.

He recently visited the Sarian Farm to buy additional varieties like the R-5 and Super Red rambutan, sweet kamias, sweet guyabano, seedless atis, seedless guava,and others. He also enjoyed posing with the fruiting camito tree grown in a rubberized container.

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