Lubao Farmer Made Millions From 7,000-SqM Of Mestiza Ampalaya

Oscar Manalansan hit the jackpot with Mestiza ampalaya from East-West Seed.
A bountiful harvest of Mestiza ampalaya.

A 59-year-old farmer from Brgy. Santiago, Lubao, Pampanga, made millions from an off-season crop of Mestiza ampalaya he planted on 7,000 sqm in September 2016. Oscar Manalansan really got a bumper crop. From that crop, he harvested 16 times, each harvest averaging 2,500 kilos. Because it was off-season, he got a very good price of P80 per kilo.

Mestiza, a hybrid bitter gourd released by East-West Seed about two years ago, is really high-yielding. It is resistant to Namamarako, a cucurbit aphid-borne yellow virus. The fruits are big and uniform, most of them first class. The fruit, 30 to 35 cm long, is light green, a color that many consumers love because they think it is less bitter than the dark green varieties.

The first fruits are harvested in 42-45 days from planting. Harvesting is done twice a week. By the way, a brother,Rodolfo Manalansan, is also a planter of Mestiza ampalaya and other varieties from East-West Seed.

Mestiza fruits are 30 to 35 cm long. Maturity is 42-45 days from planting.

Rodolfo (brother of Oscar Manalansan) is also a grower of Mestiza ampalaya. He is shown here with his wife Arlene.

Rodolfo Manalansan and his wife Arlene.
Another successful grower of Mestiza ampalaya is Ronnie Capulong of San Ramon, Floridablanca, Pampanga.
Ronnie Capulong of Floridablanca, Pampanga, is flanked by Eric Hojilla and Ric Reyes of East-West Seed. In front of them is the bountiful harvest of Capulong.
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      1. I have a 5,000 sqm lot located in Tanay Rizal which I am planning to develop into a mini farm. Can you recommend a good farm consultant who can assist me especially in choosing the right crop to plant; operations and how to sell the produce? Please email me at Would really appreciate your response soonest. Thank you

  1. I want to buy ampalaya seeds and eggplant seeds to give to my relatives and friends in my Brgy. in Abra so they can plant this time .
    Thank you,God bless you more.

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