LUPO: Wild Delicious Indigenous Veggie

MAY UY with a basin full of Lupo ready for cooking.

During our trip to Bacolod City (Sept. 14-16, 2012) we discovered an indigenous plant that is just growing wild but is a favorite vegetable of Ilonggos.

Dionita Imet was selling some at the organic market that was recently opened at May’s Organic Garden & Restaurant in Pahanocoy, Bacolod City. One big handful was being sold at P10.

Dionita said that it is very delicious when cooked with mungo or fish with broth like sinigang. She said she just picks her supply from the edges of rice fields or in corn fields.

Melpha Abello, a member of our staff at Agriculture Magazine who comes from Kalibo, Aklan, says that in her place it is called Lupo-lupo. It was a favorite of her late grandfather who died at 94. She says it gives a special flavor to soupy fish dishes.

Well, somebody should cultivate this plant for commercial purposes. We are sure it could be a bestseller in weekend markets in Metro Manila where organic products are being sold.

Close up of the Lupo at the organic market at May’s Organic
Garden and Restaurant in Pahanocoy, Bacolod City.
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  1. hello! we're doing research on indy veg. and we learned about lupo from the ilonggos that we met in palawan. right now i'm looking for its scientific name all over the web but unfortunately i did not find out any site describing this species.

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