LUSCIOUS MUTANT: What you should know about the Seedless Atis

Look,Ma! Seedless Atis!

IF WE INVITE you to our farm for breakfast and we serve you seedless atis for dessert, would you be amazed? Most likely, if you haven’t heard about it, much more if you have not tasted the luscious fruit. And then you will ask me if I developed the mutant atis. And I will tell you no, I didn’t.

The seedy atis could be the source of rootstock for the seedless atis.

BEEN HERE LONG TIME – As far as we know, the seedless atis has been here for a long time. Some 20 years ago, our late friend, National Scientist Dr. Benito S. Vergara gifted us with an overgrown grafted seedling which we planted as our mother tree in our farm.

WE DON’T KNOW – We really don’t know where it came from, how  it occurred and when. What we have been reading is that now and then mutants come out for whatever reason or reasons. We could only conjecture. Is it due to radiation, climate change, biotic and abiotic stresses and so on.

WHAT’S IMPORTANT – Of course, the mutant atis is already here and it depends upon us how we can maximize its presence as a possible goldmine. If the original owner was really enterprising, he could have multiplied his rare plant in big numbers and sold his propagations at a high price.

ANOTHER GUY could have seen the potential of the mutant as a money-maker. It ould be a nurseryman who knows his business. Something new with outstanding traits can be a sure bestseller in the plant business.

NO SCIONS FOR SALE – One lady who had heard of our seedless atis asked us if we could sell her scions for grafting. No, we don’t sell scions. We advised her to buy a grafted seedless atis at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. One grafted tree costs only P250. If she could buy one, she could grow that as her mother tree. That’s where she will harvest her scions later on.

CONTACT – For more info on seedless atis, contact Rose at 0915-002-1368 ir 0947-590-0398 (smart)

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