Make A Good Activity A Habit (Agri Tip No. 18)

In one session of the Agri-Kapihan, Pat Dugan brought extra-large ginger rhizomes for the attendees to see. He said that was the result of the chicken manure he spread all over his 14-hectare farm in Lipa City.

He explained that every Saturday when he visited his farm, he made it a habit to load his pickup truck with chicken manure from a poultry farm along the way. He just spread the manure all over his farm. After doing that for a few years, his soil became really rich and that’s the reason why he produced the extra-large ginger rhizomes.

The lesson here is that by making it a habit to bring manure to his farm every day, he was able to improve the fertility of his farm in a doable, easily affordable way. Imagine, if he brought with him 500 kilos of manure every visit to his farm, in 52 weeks of the year he would have added to his soil 26 tons of manure!

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