UPDATE: Malacañang Park Veggie Garden Replanted

UPDATE: Malacañang Park Veggie Garden Replanted

The vegetable garden at the Malacañang Park that was harvested on February 6, 2017 has been replanted. This was learned from Dr. Isa Cojuangco Suntay of the Tarlac Heritage Foundation which is collaborating with the Presidential Security Group in putting up the garden that was developed from a spot that was once an eyesore.

UPDATE: Malacañang Park Veggie Garden Replanted
Dr. Isa Cojuangco Suntay posing with beautiful pechay during the first cropping at the Malacañang Park vegetable garden.

Dr. Suntay also revealed that additional places will also be developed for showcasing practical vegetable gardening ideas in urban areas.

The first harvesting of the vegetables at the Malacañang Park was graced by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte. The harvested vegetables that included pechay, mustard and upland kangkong were donated to the less privileged families living around the community.

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